Rv manufacturer announces production consolidating

02-Dec-2017 19:52

rv manufacturer announces production consolidating-51

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Gooseneck trailers are the preferred type of trailers for hauling more than two horses.

LQ contribute 21.4% in unit sales with 8158 units, but rank first in sales value at 3 million (45.4%).

“The high-end market is not affected by the consumer credit crunch.

Customers who can afford the high-end living quarters trailers will spend whatever they want and do not normally place restrictions on the amount that they will spend.” Brahm said that with many young families involved in horse-related activities, the demand for larger LQ trailers is greater.

Bumper-pulls will be down 6.5% this year, and despite an upswing in the next two years, they won't reach the 2007 level.

The overall horse trailer manufacturing industry has an estimated dollar value of 3 million, with an estimated 38,175 horse trailers produced.

“I've been told that living quarters are still selling well, but it's the other markets, like bumper pulls, that aren't as popular.Brahm said that based on his research and interviews conducted at trade shows, the merger of Exiss/Sooner and Featherlite has not been well-received.Featherlite was purchased by Universal Trailer Corp in October 2006.The increase in demand for smaller LQ trailers could offset the decrease in demand for the larger LQ trailers.

Brahm said the attractiveness of the LQ trailers is rooted in the idea that they're basically two units in one.

Brahm said the living quarters (LQ) niche will be down just 50 units in 2008 — or 0.6% — despite the economic downturn and fuel-price crisis that are hammering the rest of the trailer industry.